Veteran Charity Sponsor - Heels for Combat Boots

Posted on March 10 2016

I asked my good friend Kati to give me a quick run down about her and her amazing charity; Heels for Combat Boots. Below is a brief bio of her and her charity. I don't promote a whole of of other people but when I do, I promise it'll be for good people who work hard and love the USA.


My name is Kati Sorensen, known in the industry as Riskay Business. I am a South Carolina based model, originally from Chugiak, Alaska. I have participated in pinup, tattoo, fetish, glamour, fashion, underwater, goth, the dark, commercial, products and even quite a few runway shows despite my 5'3 stature. I am a licensed hair stylist, barber and makeup artist by day and am also the Founder and President of the organization called Heels For Combat Boots which reaches out to assist veterans with PTSD/TBI. HFCB currently spans across 42 states, Australia, Canada & Europe. I am also the VP of Moxie Dolls. While my everyday look consists of six inch stilettos, red lipstick and styled hair I am also an avid hunter and fisherman and am known to know my way around an engine. I spend a lot of my time on the road for HFCB with my sidekick Adalie, my English Bull Terrier service dog. I will also be traveling with Volatile Beauty Photography offering photo shoots across the US in 2016.

Riskay Business
Photos: Trashy Betty Photography


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