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Wilderness to Table with Bri Van Scotter

Posted on October 03 2018

What do you call someone who hunts, fishes, free dives, scuba dives, spear fishes, is a trained chef, training to be a dive master and has their own Amazon Prime TV show about cooking and hunting? OH and did I mention this superhuman is also a woman? Yeah, you call her Wonder Woman!

In all seriousness, Bri Van Scotter is a very rare breed of human. And in a day where feminists are screaming about equal rights and equal pay, we have women like Bri who do it all. She, and women like her, don’t need to complain to get their way.  She created the life she loves and is 1000% unashamed and unapologetic. Bri is by far one of the kindest, most sincere and “realest” women you will ever meet. She doesn’t pull punches and she says it like it is.
Bri Van Scotter posing with a Fresh Kill

I was first introduced to Bri through Instagram by way of her hunting posts.  She has some incredible shots and short stories about some of her hunts and fishing expeditions. What’s more impressive is her free diving pictures. Being as I love the water but am not “at home” there, it’s always great to see people who are as relaxed in the water as on land. Her diving shots are effortless and tranquil.
Bri Van Scotter Diving with Sharks

And for you foodies out there, you MUST check out her website for her recipes or her show “Wilderness to Table” on Amazon Prime. While it’s primarily a cooking show, Bri also includes portions of her hunts and prepares what she captures. I must say, however, my favorite recipe is here Tuna Poke Tacos. I love my sushi and sashimi. She admits she didn’t catch that tuna herself, I seriously don’t care! SOOO YUMMY!
Bri Van Scotter, Chef

But here is where I must say, “Thank you Bri”. I appreciate your patronage and friendship, your amazing influence not only on the hunting /fishing /diving community, but also for being such an incredible example of what a woman can accomplish in 2018.
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